Paper waste

Papir BG buys all kinds of waste paper which can be recycled – paper vellum, carton, cardboard tubes, newspapers, magazines, offset and chrome paper, printing cut-offs.

Waste plastic

We buy different types of waste plastic – PET bottles (from mineral water; soft drinks), LDPE (polyethylene, stretch foil), HDPE (tubes, pipes), polypropylene (household plastic)

Glass packaging

We buy glass packaging – clean bottles and jars from clear and coloured glass. Flat (window) glass is not accepted.

Non-precious metals

PapirBG buys non-precious metals on wholesale as well as commercially - waste metals, cast iron, metal packaging, aluminum, copper, lead batteries and others.

balirashta presa Papir BG
Balling press Presona with pre-pressing

LP 100 CH4 type

Pressing strength 100 tons

Exploitation capacity 600 cubic meters per hour

The materials are handed on a conveyor belt and the balling process is fully automated.

Balled materials include all types of paper, polyethylene, hard plastic packaging.

separirashta instalatsiya Papir BG
Separating installation

It consists of a charging transporter, a cabin with a sorting belt, a magnet separator. It also includes 6 work places and 4 bunkers for the sorted material.

The installation undergoes waste separation according to packaging waste type by separate garbage collection systems and different paper types.


Tons of paper


Tons of plastic packaging


Tons of metals


Tons glass packaging